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From The Field: 2015 FJ Summit in Ouray, Colorado - Wrapping up

Photos by:
Dennis Lloyd, Bob Holliday, Jim Akers, Angie Williams, Shane Williams

The Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Team was out in full force at FJ Summit #9 last week. Dennis Lloyd, our FJ Cruiser editor was primary for this trip, but he was joined by Daniel, Bob, Shane, and Jim as well. Jonathan is a director of the FJ Summit so even though he was there (and captured some amazing photos of the event for us), he wasn’t functioning in a TCT Capacity.


Also new for this Summit: the TCT Explorer! Jim Akers took the truck over to Ouray, then over the more-difficult-than-normal Imogene Pass. The truck had no issues with the rutted out sections of the trail and made it into Telluride before lunch!

Imogene Pass Tundra at FJ Summit #9 in Ouray, Colorado - Toyota Tundra Magazine


FJ Summit Ouray Colorado Toyota Trucks magazine

Lining up for the epic end-of-summit group photo!

Make your plans for July 2016 as we all once again head to Ouray for FJ Summit #10!