History of the Toyota Sequoia

History of the Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia has been a favorite family-road trip full size SUV for over 20 years. It’s Toyota’s largest SUV by far, and is known for safety, reliability, and plenty of room in a 7 or 8 passenger configuration.

The first Generation (2001-2007) Toyota Sequoia was announced in January 2000 at the Detroit Auto Show, and was Toyota’s first entry into the large SUV market. During that time the segment was dominated by the Ford Explorer, to the Tundra based SUV was a nearly instant hit when it went on sale in late 2000.

The original Sequoia used the same 4.7L engine from the Tundra, that was also used in the 100 series Land Cruiser, Lexus LX 470, and Lexus GX 470.

 First Generation 2001 Toyota Sequoia

First Gen Sequoias have been great vehicles for families and those interested in full-size overland builds, mostly due to the excellent power, reliability, and of course room for plenty of people and/or gear. Towing capacity for the first gen Sequoia (2005) was a respectable 6,200lb for the 4WD model.

First Generation 2001 Toyota Sequoia

In 2007 the 2nd Gen Sequoia went on sale at the same time as the second generation Tundra as a 2008 model. This generation grew in virtually every way, and once again shared most components with the Tundra. The notable exception is that the second gen Sequoia included a fully boxed frame and a rear independent suspension with coil springs. Along with the smaller V8 for some years, the 2007+ Sequoia uses the tried and true 5.7L iForce V8 that the Tundra and Land Cruiser 200 use. Towing capacity for the 2nd Gen Sequoia was also upgraded to an excellent 7100lb for the 4WD model.

second Generation 2008 Toyota Sequoia

When Toyota announced the major facelift for the 2014 Tundra, the Sequoia was not upgraded. It was rumored for several months that the SUV would be discontinued, but since it was such a popular export to middle eastern countries, production continued. The second gen Sequoia has had several upgrades since 2008, but still features the same body panels as the original 2007 version.

second Generation Toyota Sequoia limited

2nd Generation Toyota Sequoia Towing capacity

The long awaited Third Generation Tundra was finally announced for the 2022 as an all-new platform in mid 2021. Of course one of the first questions was ‘What about Sequoia?’

Toyota answered with a teaser image in January 2022, following up with the announcement of a 2023 Sequoia reveal scheduled for January 25, 2022.

3rd Generation 2023 Toyota Sequoia announced