SEMA 2019 From the Floor: Final Day

SEMA 2019 From the Floor: Final Day

The final day on the floor at SEMA Show did not disappoint, there are so many great products coming out and this is just a small sample.

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Pro Eagle 1.5 Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack

Pro Eagle expanded their off-road jack lineup just in time for SEMA with the new 1.5 ton version. This is ideal for the 4Runner, FJ Cruiser and Tacoma. It offers 2’2” of lift height and includes an adjustable extension. An optional mounting accessory allows for the jack to be mounted to a bed rack, SUV deck, or spare tire for easy access. Anticipated price is $300. 

SEMA Show 2019 Pro Eagle Jack

Bubba Rope – New Products

The featured new products at the Bubba Rope booth include a newly designed synthetic shackle and a chafe guard. The NexGen Pro Gator-Jaw Synthetic Shackle is more user-friendly and eliminates rope-weakening splices found in other soft shackle designs. A rubber slider secures the loop and knot for a solid shackle.To protect the shackle, use the new Gator-Jaw Synthetic Chafe Guard to protect against friction damage when performing an extraction. The black Chafe Guard simply wraps around the shackle.

SEMA Show 2019 Bubba Rope

HTX2 by LightForce

LightForce released at SEMA the HTX2 Hybrid Driving Light. Features:

  • New aluminum housing for better heat management using a precision-engineered heatsink. This means the heat generated by the HID and LEDs is dissipated more effectively to maintain high performance for longer. The new housing has a slimmer profile, so it will fit more bull bars.
  • HID & LED Performance: the combo of HID and LED offers 1 Lux at over 1,650 metres and .25 Lux at over 3.3 kilometres. The HID bulb and LEDs operate consistently at pure white 5000K, so they match more accurately than before. Now both the HID and LEDs have a CRI of 70 for better colour rendering.
  • Dual Switch Control: with a Lightforce Dual Switching Harness you can activate LED only, HID only or both at once when your high beams come on, to customise your driving experience to suit the road and the environmental conditions. This will also work with switch panels, e.g. sPOD.
  • More efficient PHILIPS® HID & PREMIUM LUMILEDS® LEDS - Sealed tight to protect against the elements.

SEMA Show 2019 LightForce Dual HID LED Lights

Yokohama Geolander X-AT

For SEMA, Yokohama expanded the Geolander series with a new extreme AT tire. The tire features an improved resistance against sidewall puncture thanks for a higher turn-up carcass and full nylon cap. The new HD2 compound tread extends tread life and increases cut and chip resistance. Off-road traction is improved with alternating shoulder blocks to create a better bite. The new tire will be available to purchase in early 2020.

SEMA Show 2019 Yokohama Extreme All Terrain Off Road Tire