Year In Review 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 5

Year In Review 2014 | Volume 7 | Issue 5 (8)

Retromod Tacoma from Karl Muth

Around the time we started Tacoma Magazine, I found a thread on Expedition Portal entitled: Containerized: Retromod Global Tacoma (LINK). In that thread, ‘containerized’ aka Karl Muth ( went through his entire process of building a Tacoma that was very much customized to accomplish a few goals. First, he wanted to keep the tried and true 1GR-FE that his previous FJ Cruiser ran. He found the FJC a little too difficult to pack due to the small storage area, and he wanted a truck that would fit in a 20’ shipping container. He also wanted something that looked more like a 70’s or 80’s Hilux pickup but in a modern platform with readily available parts.

Overland Expo East 2014 - Toyota Magazine

Blue Ridge Mountains, early autumn, and a slew of adventurers of all types. That pretty much describes the first Overland Expo east of the Mississippi.

During the first weekend in October, like thousands of other overland enthusiasts I traveled to Asheville, North Carolina to see how an eastern Overland Expo would fare. The location, a large private ranch near Fletcher, NC is everything you would imagine in a great outdoor venue. Dirt roads, log cabins, and (unlike the Western version of this event) a lake full of water.

off Camber 2014 Toyota Cruisers & Trucks magazine

I just came in from 96º outside after unpacking a few lucky raffle prizes out of my FJ from the weekend’s Off Camber event. I have the AC on and a fan blowing on me. I would much rather be back at the event enjoying a 50º evening and a camp fire with friends new and old. Since owning my FJ I’ve been to every FJ off road event at least once and many of them several times. Why do I go? What makes me drive all over the Southwest to meet up with like-minded individuals that want to romp on trails all day?

 All Photos courtesty of Expeditions 7

As we introduced in the last issue, Expeditions 7 was an epic undertaking with the goal of driving the same Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle on every continent on the planet. Greg Miller, who is the CEO of the Larry H. Miller Group has been a Land Cruiser enthusiast his entire life, and 4 years ago began planning for this once in a lifetime adventure. I had the opportunity to chat with Greg about the Expeditions 7 team, vehicles, and his motivations and thoughts. This is part 1 of the interview, part 2 will be published in the January 2015 issue.

Expeditions 7 in Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine


FJ-ute 4 door FJ-40 on 80 series chassis

Like us, you’ve probably followed the Redline Land Cruisers 4 Door FJ-40 style “FJ-UTE” project with great anticipation. The truck we originally wrote about in the October issue was unveiled at SEMA 2014 in the Radflo booth, and we were able to get some shots of her in the dirt during our post SEMA photo shoot.

We attended several amazing Toyota events in 2014, here are some of our favorite photos!

The ultimate off road trailer hitch

Pull your offroad trailer with confidence with either the Lock-n-Roll or the Max Coupler.

Self-sustained travel is the goal of all overland travelers and especially on longer adventures where extra gear is needed, there isn’t always enough room inside or on top of the vehicle.  With a wife and four kids I quickly ran out of space even with efficient minimalist packing. So like many of you, I turned to a high-clearance off-road trailer to carry the extra gear required for extended adventures.

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If you followed our Live from SEMA coverage, you know that our team blew it out of the water this year, and now we have the fruits of their labor in our Year in Review issue. We also have Beau's outstanding Holiday Gear Guide, more photos from 2014 Events, and the first part of our Expeditions 7 interview with Greg Miller. We have new content from Adam Tolman on choosing an articulating hitch, Overland Expo East Coverage, and more details on how Redline built the FJ-UTE.

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