Building the FJ Ute

Building the FJ Ute

FJ-ute 4 door FJ-40 on 80 series chassis

Like us, you’ve probably followed the Redline Land Cruisers 4 Door FJ-40 style “FJ-UTE” project with great anticipation. The truck we originally wrote about in the October issue was unveiled at SEMA 2014 in the Radflo booth, and we were able to get some shots of her in the dirt during our post SEMA photo shoot.

During the build process we gave Justin Robbins a spare point & shoot camera, so he could document some of the build process. For full details on the build and to learn more about the FJ-UTE, and to secure your place on the growing waiting list, visit

[flickr set=72157650550357551]

Right now there is a line of 9 FJ-UTEs waiting to be built, and Justin says he plans to build 20 trucks per year, so if you’re in the market for a reasonably priced custom Land Cruiser, get in touch soon. You will see plenty more of FJ-UTE 001 in the future as we’ve already scheduled a long-term test drive for early in 2015.

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