23 Zero Roof Top Tent Review

23 Zero Roof Top Tent Review

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Rooftop tents (RTT) are commonplace. Look around. They are everywhere but continue to be the must-have item in the off-road camping scene.  Rooftop tents are mounted on anything with four wheels:  from Subarus to SUVs. I recently spotted an RTT mounted on a side-by-side. Rooftop tents are generally comfortable and easy to setup and take down. Plus, it’s neat to sleep high above the ground. Manufacturers continue to engineer and design advancements to the rooftop tent. They look for ways to make their RTT stand out and be unique among numerous offerings. 


“It’s dark in here.  I can’t find my water bottle.”  My wife, Louise, said after using the tent ladder to climb into the tent.

“Use my headlamp.”  I replied and offered. It’s 10:00 in the morning, and the sun has been up for hours. The new 23 Zero roof top tent remains dark inside. I mean, completely dark; I am not exaggerating.  The 23 Zero’s new Light Suppression Technology (LST) fabric is a game changer in the rooftop tent world.  The 23 Zero uses “a leading-edge application, a combination of a UV treatment, and an Advanced Polyurethane coating that gives you the benefit to sleep better than ever before in a rooftop tent.” Simply put, the fabric creates a dark, beneficial sleeping environment as well as reduces the inside tent temperature. The sun’s rays are unable to penetrate the fabric of the tent, allowing campers to sleep in a darker and cooler environment. 

I was lucky enough to test the new 23 Zero Breezeway rooftop tent with LST fabric on a trip to the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in northern Arizona. I mounted the tent easily onto my Frontrunner Roof Rack using the included stainless steel hardware. We headed south from our home in Park City, Utah, to explore the wonders of the Vermillion Cliffs. Upon our arrival, we easily popped open the tent. The newly designed ladder felt comfortable and stable. So, what’s the big deal? The big deal was noticeable as soon as I climbed inside. 

Yep, it was dark! The fabric blocked all light from penetrating the tent. I tried my best to look around. I needed to use my headlamp to survey my surroundings.  Windows located on each side provided cool cross breezes and ventilation. The other stand out feature, the mattress, constructed with three-inch thick rebounding foam. This mattress invites the user to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Sleep? I wasn’t ready just yet. I joined my family and our friends at the campfire to enjoy the peaceful, still desert night. 

The following morning, I glanced at my watch and noticed that it read 8:03. The sun had risen more than an hour ago, yet it was dark and cool inside. The LST fabric allowed all of us to sleep comfortably and soundly without waking at the sun’s first rays. It also kept the inside of the tent cool, not warming us like some roof top sauna.  The mattress was both firm and supportive. We all woke up, rested and ready for adventure.

We needed to travel to White Pocket, a signature rock formation on the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.  I sipped my coffee as Louise prepared breakfast. After eating, we packed. The tent closed without issue, and the ladder collapsed with ease.  All of our bedding fit inside. We did not have to “wrestle” with the front cover to zip it closed. A thoughtful touch. In a matter of five minutes, the tent was ready. We stowed a few last minute items, and we set off to explore the geology that makes the Vermillion Cliffs unique and outstanding. 

Over the next five days, we wandered and explored the Vermillion Cliffs and surrounding area. The tent opened and closed without issue. The LST fabric allowed the tent to stay dark and cool, each day we awoke feeling refreshed.  Yes, the rooftop tent craze continues. It’s nice to see manufacturers engineering and designing nuances to make the RTT even better. The 23 Zero Breezeway Tent constructed with LST Fabric performed flawlessly.

23 Zero USA-Offers many overland equipment solutions. 



West Valley City, Utah

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