FJ Summit XIII

FJ Summit XIII

Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the Google Play Store!Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreAnother FJ Summit has come and gone and this year’s event was unique in having to deal with some of Colorado’s incredible snowfall from the winter and the aftermath of the numerous avalanches generated by it. Many trails were closed, diverted, or combined with other trails, while some trails started where they typically ended. Trails were still being bulldozed while attendees arrived and downed trees were everywhere as reminders of the devastation caused by these avalanches.


The winter in Colorado was brutal this year with a record amount of snowfall throughout the state. Many avalanches closed down mountain highways. Bomb cyclones circled Denver and surrounding areas causing record wind gusts and even snowfall above 7,000 feet on the first day of summer.

The amount of melting snow also created elevated water levels but also incredibly green and lush surrounding forests and tundra. Other than dealing with rerouted trails, it seems attendees still had a great time catching up with friends and enjoying the beautiful scenery we at Toyota Cruisers & Trucks get to call home.

Side bar:

This was my second time attending FJ Summit. The scenery was beautiful but the downed trees turned out to be my nemesis as I slashed one of my tires on the Southern Gulches run. The group I was with were incredible in helping me change my tire, for the first time, on a trail. It was a great learning experience, both for the tire changing practice and understanding what I was, and wasn’t, able to see with my new 3” Toytec lift. My visibility had changed but I wasn’t aware of how much. The slashed tire and lack of visibility in front of my FJ definitely messed with my head and I was hesitant to do any more trails the rest of the time. I did manage to run one other trail though, Last Dollar Road, with some of the Toytec crew after using my sleeping pillow as a booster seat. I’ll be back again next year!

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