INSTALL: EZ View Mirrors

INSTALL: EZ View Mirrors

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As FJ owners we know all too well how bad visibility can be when looking out our windows from inside. It’s one of the cons to the many pros to our lovable rigs. Especially when it’s stacked to the ceiling with camping gear in the rear and we can’t use our rear view mirror effectively. Trail Toys has introduced a solution.

Their new EZView mirrors provides a 35% increased field of view, eliminates blind spots and also allows the rear tire to be in view.

Install EZ View Mirrors

Installation was a bit tricky. We broke one mirror and had to order a new one. There’s an informative YouTube video on their website to do it right. In order to remove your old mirror you unsnap it from the mirror housing. Then you use a bit of heat from a hair dryer or heat gun to loosen the plastic edges of the backing plate. Work your way around the edges, pushing the plastic edge “off” the mirror’s edge. Apply enough heat and it will soften the plastic and the mirror can be removed. Installing the new EZView mirrors is the opposite of removing the old mirrors. Heat the plastic edges enough to work the edges of the new mirror into position. Take extreme care to make sure the plastic is pliable enough to bend so you can get the edges of the mirror into place. I broke one while applying too much force trying to get it seated. Once it’s in it’s easy to snap the new mirror into the housing.

Set both mirrors in enough to where you can see your rear tires. Take a drive and test out your new mirrors. You’ll notice passing vehicles are distorted much like a carnival mirror. This will take some time to get used to, but it’s well worth it. I can see vehicles approaching from directly behind me. This is one of the best features since I always load my rear cargo area too much to the point where the rear view mirror is useless. Vehicles approaching in adjacent lanes can be seen all the way until they get to your doors and pass you. No more blind spots! The Trail Toys EZView mirrors are hands down one of the best mods you can do to your FJ. There are optional defrost films and wiring kits to make the mirrors heated for colder climates. They also sell a kit for 2005-15 Tacomas.

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