Introducing the FJ-UTE 4 Door FJ-40 Land Cruiser

Introducing the FJ-UTE 4 Door FJ-40 Land Cruiser

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4 door FJ-40 Land Cruiser FJ-UTE

As I chat with Justin Robbins about the frame in front of us, I’m reminded of the scene in Days of Thunder (don’t hate) where Harry Hogge (Robert Duval) is speaking to the frame of his latest race car creation. Justin is a lifelong Cruiser lover and his passion for building amazing trucks permeates this not-so-little shop in eastern Colorado Springs. While we’ve known about this project for quite some time, seeing it rise from an aging 80 Series, a shiny new aluminum body, and parts strewn about brings this vision a little closer to reality.

For the uninformed, the FJ UTE is Red Line’s soon-to-be-classic model of custom Land Cruiser. Built upon a standard 80 Series chassis (including axles, engine, trans, etc) using the new Aqualu 4 Door FJ-40 aluminum body, with a starting price of a mere $49,900. Considering the only other option available heretofore start well north of $110k, the idea of exploring with my family in a custom truck like this is truly a dream come true.

As chassis 001 though, this truck will not be exactly ‘entry level’. The FJ UTE that’s coming to life as we speak will be on the floor at SEMA 2014 in Las Vegas, just a few short weeks from when you read this article. SEMA trucks, but their very definition, are neither entry level nor stock. With that in mind, Justin wanted this first FJ-UTE to maintain the spirit of a relatively low cost custom 4 door Land Cruiser, so his upgrades for 001 make sense, but don’t necessarily break the bank.

4 door FJ-40 Land Cruiser 80 series frame

The Aqualu body has been tweaked in a few ways to make the UTE stand out, including a shorter rear overhang to help departure angle on steep trails. The drivetrain on this truck, while maintaining stock components, is being completely overhauled. The engine has been rebuilt, cleaned, and polished to be SEMA-floor-ready, and most other drivetrain components have either been rebuilt or replaced. New wheels, tires, seats, interior, and a custom roll cage will complete the ultimate SUV for Land Cruiser enthusiasts.

While the finished truck won’t be revealed until the show opens on November 4th, we’re planning to sneak in to Red Line at every opportunity to see how she progresses. In my opinion this vehicle should be the mold for all future Toyota SUV creations, it fills every block for a great family explorer. I hope Toyota Corporate is paying attention, because for much less than a modern 200 series LC, my family can be rolling in a fairly modern and very reliable version of the iconic FJ-40 Land Cruiser.

4 door FJ-40 Land Cruiser FJ-UTE custom interior

If you’re interested in driving an FJ-UTE of your own, get in touch with Red Line soon. They’re already excepting pre-orders and as of our publish date, four have already been reserved. Justin is taking deposits to guarantee your place in line for 2015 production units.

4 door FJ-40 Land Cruiser FJ-UTE Full Feature List

Red Line is producing 4 trim levels in the FJ-UTE:
•    Tier 1: $49,900 Base model. Options and upgrades are available
•    Tier 2: Base model with upgraded tires, wheels, suspension, rebuilt drivetrain. Additional options and upgrades available. Starts at $85,000. (FJ-UTE #001 is basically a Tier 2 model)
•    Tier 3: Base model with 470hp ls3, auto, Atlas 2 speed, rebuilt axles, tires, wheels, Expedition Unit available. Additional suspension, armor, options and upgrades. Starts at $100,000.
•    Tier 4: “Sherpa” FJ-UTE. Full tilt 470 hp ls3 auto, Atlas 2 speed, rebuilt axles, tires, wheels, suspension, armor. High class interior: client chooses color and textiles specific to needs, wants, and desires! Starts at $150,000.

The FJ-UTE is also available in kit form for those who like to ‘tinker’. It starts with the base body for $15,000 and optional components are available.
Contact Red Line Land Cruisers at (719) 210-0101 or online:

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