Hands On Recovery

Hands On Recovery

In the July issue Chris Nelson was kind enough to cover some recovery basics. Fortunately for us, we saw Chris leading a group up Engineer Pass during the FJ Summit and we got to see him work first hand. While his group was pulling over to let us by, a Ti FJ managed to get high-centered on a large rock. This is a very common occurrence when wheeling in a new area, and Chris was ready. He grabbed the Hi-Lift off his truck & got out his recovery kit. Included in the kit is the Hi-Lift Lift Mate, which is an adapter that allows you to lift from a wheel.

Chris positioned the Hi-Lift & hooked the lift mate to the front passenger wheel. A few cycles on the jack had the front of the FJ off the ground far enough to stack a few rocks under the tire. Once all the rocks were in place he lowered the truck on to them and began guiding the driver off the obstacle. The Hi-Lift & Lift Mate worked like a charm & the group was back on the trail in a matter of minutes. We would like to note that if you use rocks to get over an obstacle, please place them back where you found them when done. Always remember to Tread Lightly.

This example really goes to show that you not only need to have the right recovery gear, but you should be familiar with how to use it. We encourage everyone to practice using their recovery gear BEFORE you need it. Doing so will make recovery safer and less stressful. Thanks to Chris for the great hands-on training!