Toyota announces 2011 FJ Cruiser!

Toyota announces 2011 FJ Cruiser!

FJ CruiserToyota announced changes for the 2011 FJ Cruiser today. The biggest new is that the '11 FJ Trail
Teams edition will be a solid Army Green color. Other updates include new audio system options including MP3 playback, a USB port with iPod connectivity, and XM Radio, among other enhancements. New steering wheel audio controls include support for the built-in Bluetooth audio system.

The locking rear differential is now standard, and in a bid to improve visibility the 2011 FJ Cruiser includes rear seat headrests that fold down. The front passenger seat now folds forward further to allow for easier access to the rear seats.

Even though the press release shows a VooDoo Blue FJ Cruiser, Toyota didn't mention what color changes (if any) will happen for 2011. We expect the same lineup of colors that were available in 2010. Toyota also didn't say when we can expect to see the new models at dealerships, but we're sure they'll arrive by the end of the year.

Overall there are no major changes for the '11 FJ Cruiser, but we're excited to see a few new features. As soon as we can get our hands on an '11 we'll be sure to update you!

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