New BFG AT T/A KO Coming Soon?

New BFG AT T/A KO Coming Soon?

New BFG A/T KOFour Wheeler is showing off spy shots of a newly designed BF Goodrich All Terrain tire in Baja.

For those not familiar with the legendary rubber, the BFG A/T has been the go-to tire for many years on vehicles meant for mixed-use. Every Special Edition FJ Cruiser ships with the iconic shoes, and many of us ran BFG's for years. The BFG A/T practially invented the all-terrain dual/use category, so any change is sure to be major.


Perhaps the folks over at Michelin have been feeling the pressure from so many other companies in the 'hybrid' category, so they feel a change is necessary. As John Cappa from Four Wheeler notes, the lugs are slightly different and there is extra rubber protecting the tread and sidewall. The fact that these tires are being testing in the desert probably means a release in 2014.

We'll wait to see how they perform, but this could definitely be big news in the All Terrain tire world. Hit up the source link for many more photos.

Source: Four Wheeler