FJC Colors 2007-2013

FJC Colors 2007-2013

Prompted by this thread on, we’ve compiled a nice graphic illustrating the FJC Colors from 2007-2013 (for the North American Market). So far Toyota has released 20 different color combinations for the FJ Cruiser, and has slowly moved away from the bright colors in the original 2007 model year toward more basic colors (Magma being the exception).FJ Cruiser Colorad (Click for larger version)



Today, all color themes from the original 5 colors continue except Sun Fusion, so if you want a bright yellow FJC, you’ll have to settle for a 2010 or older model. The red color scheme has seen the most changes, and in fact the rarest non Special Edition Color is Black Cherry (aka Man Purple), since it was only produced for the 2007 model year. There has been a blue FJ model available every year except 2010, and other than a few test models that are around out there, the only true ‘red’ FJC was the 2012 Trail Teams Special Edition, so unless you’re very lucky you won’t find an OEM white-topped Radiant Red FJ.

fjc_colorsSpecial thanks to for compiling the original color combination graphic, and for featuring scans of all the FJ Cruiser brochures which allowed us to compile this graphic.

What is your favorite FJ Cruiser Color? If you could trade your current color for any other, what would it be?