FJ Cruiser Forum Websites: You have options

FJ Cruiser Forum Websites: You have options

fjc_commWhen it comes to online communities for the FJ Cruiser, there are plenty of options for you to check out. Forums and other communities are great places to learn more about your truck, find out information about modification options and learn how do to those mods, and read reviews and installation instructions written by true enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for information on all the FJ Cruiser Bumper options, looking for the best tire for a daily driver, or just want to find nearby FJC enthusiasts, nothing conects you with others like FJ forums & other communities.

The most popular online precense is the one that really gave birth to our magazine, and they've been a great supporter and advertiser with us since the beginning. is a huge community, with over 64,000 members (around 15,000 active) at the time of this article. There are forums for nearly every FJ Cruiser related topic you can think of, along with special forums for events and several regional forums. There is a vast amount of wealth on the 'blue room', although (like most vBulletin systems), finding that info can be a bit tough. Still, if you want to know something about FJCs, it's a good place to start. The forum has the most supporting vendors of any FJC Community, which is great for special deals and group buys. There is quite a bit of advertising throughout the site as well, although once you're a registered member the ads are a little more bearable.


Quite a few years ago a large group of invididuals 'broke away' from the Blue Room and started their own FJ Cruiser Forum site, called That site is currently offline, so we're not sure what the status of the forum is.

The other 'major' FJC Forum site is actually called, and it originated as SoCal FJ Cruiser Forums. A few months ago the owners decided to 'go global' and created the new name, then merged the old site into the worldwide FJC Forum. LIke most of the others, it's powered by vBulletin so the interface should be familiar. It's similarly organized with sub forums for most FJC related topics, along with topics for events, trail runs, and vendors. This site is still growing and currently has 3,600+ members (1500 active), and a smaller list of vendors. You'll also notice a major difference in the number of ads you see on this website. A major difference from the Blue Room is that is run by Toyota enthusiasts versus a major corporation.

There are many, many regional based FJ Cruiser forum sites as well. While we will probably miss a few, here are some of the top sites:

Of course many popular Toyota centric and other Off Road Forums include FJ Cruiser sections. Some focus mainly on modifications (tech) and some are more wide open:

Lastly, Facebook has begun to show quite a few FJ Cruiser communities building up, including:

Which site to you belong to, and which do you visit regularly?