FJ Cruiser Barely Makes the Top 20

FJ Cruiser Barely Makes the Top 20

The blog reports that according to SEMA, the FJ Cruiser ranked 19th in sales over the last two years. This may be good news to some FJ owners, but we’re a little disappointed. We think that as the FJ continues to gain popularity, the variety and quality of aftermarket support will continue to improve.

Another interesting statistic from the article is where most owners spend their aftermarket dollars. Trucktrend states that over half of those surveyed spent at least some money on mods. Larger tires came in number one, with air filters and exhaust not far behind. It looks like most of us are trying to keep our MPG’s as high as possible. Other popular mods include wheels, suspension upgrades, oil & lube, hitches, and of course cleaning supplies.

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