Expedition Overland is Headed to South America!

Expedition Overland is Headed to South America!

As first reported by our partner Living Overland, Expedition Overland is finalizing plans for a trip to South America.


During a 31 minute live Video Blog (VLog) from their new HQ building (see below), Clay Croft of Expedition Overland began to detail plans for their 2017 South America expedition after a run-down of the History of XO along with a tour of their new X-Hangar.

Once again sponsored by Toyota, the team will head south from Columbia port town of Ushuaia in Argentina.

Clay also mentioned that they'll be selling one of their epic 4Runners to make room in the fleet for another, undisclosed, vehicle. Will XO be running a 200 series in South America? We certainly hope so!

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the video:

We're happy that the Expedition Overland team is able to head south & shoot yet another amazing season. Their sponsors this year include:

General Tire


CBI Off Road

Equipt Expedtion Outfitters


Icon Vehicle Dynamics


Expedition Overland South America Season Announcement