January 2015 | Volume | 8 Issue 1

January 2015 | Volume | 8 Issue 1 (16)

Adventure Driven GX-470 Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine

The vehicle we searched high and low for, to transform into an overland rig, was a 2007 Lexus GX 470 with KDSS and heated seats. We finally found it at a dealership in Scottsdale AZ. It was stock, had 109,000 and was in like new condition. We believe it had always been a commuter used solely on pavement. The undercarriage had not one scratch or ding; we were confident it had never even seen a gravel driveway, let alone a dirt road or trail. Luckily we were about to change that drastically. In my opinion we traded up: traded to a more capable vehicle than the hot rodded, lowered BMW sedan that got stuck in our flat concrete driveway in a quarter inch of snow the past winter. We left the BMW sitting at the dealership as we drove the Lexus away. Lexy, as we now affectionately call our GX 470, joined the Adventure Driven family in the spring of 2014.

Ironman Foam Cell Pro

Ironman 4x4 has been touting their new Foam Cell Pro shocks for some time and Excop Offroad was the first in the US to get our hands on them to put them through their paces to see if they will live up to the hype.

The Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro shocks are designed to meet punishing demands of the outback while delivering a comfortable on-road ride.   Extensive research and development by the Ironman 4×4 team went in to making this new line the strongest shocks for the money. Instead of Nitrogen gas charged shocks, Ironman has replaced the Nitrogen with a foam cell product that is designed to provide a more consistent and predictive ride quality.

In part 1 of this interview we learned about how Expeditions 7 was formed, and some of the challenges the team faced during the 58,000 plus mile journey. We continue the interview with anecdotes of exciting moments, and really what the trip meant to Greg and the entire team, and future plans for the Expeditions 7 rigs.

Expeditions 7 Interview with Greg Miller | Toyota Magazine

80 Series Land Cruiser Horn Replacement Toyota Magazine

Your 80 series Land Cruiser is old.  17-21 years.  200,000 to 300,000 miles (or more).  While it may not yet be a classic like an FJ40 or FJ55, it also has many more systems.  It’s amazing how long these systems last, but parts do wear out.

In addition to bearings, inner axles, and spindles, I've replaced door gaskets, suspension bushings, door switches, and the fuel door spring.  I have adjusted the hood bumpers, replaced hood and liftgate struts, and even an entire liftgate that was starting to rust. These repairs keep your rig in tiptop shape and eliminate the kind of neglect that leads you to neglect even larger problems.

Photos by Jared Koronkiewicz and George Labelle

Uwharrie 4Runner Turkey Run 2014 - Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine

We asked Brian Rogers, President of the Dallas-based Toyota Trail Riders club, to tell us about his 2002 4Runner build, destinations, and anything else he could think of…

3rd Gen 4Runner build - Toyota Magazine

Getting involved with the Toyota Trail Riders is what ignited my passion. I have always been an outdoor enthusiast, but after meeting this group, it totally changed my direction. My first modification was a lift so I could try out off-roading. After one trip out to the local trails with these club, I was hooked. I continued to evolve my truck into a more capable rig, with the notion of being out in the wilderness multiple evenings.

First gen 4Runner South American Adventure - Toyota 4Runner Magazine

In 2011, James Hart and Lauren Neel took off from San Francisco and headed south of the border seeking adventure in their 1st generation 4Runner. TCT Magazine interviewed them about their fantastic journey. This is the first of a 2-part series.

2016 Toyota Tacoma in Toyota Cruisers & Trucks magazine

You saw the new design last week and many have asked us about details. Will the 2016 Tacoma include a diesel engine, solid front axle, or front locking differential.

Well, no.

While Toyota USA is unlikely to meet every whim of the hard-core off road enthusiast, we believe that the 2016 Tacoma will continue the tradition of capable, reliable, and very fun to own-and-drive Toyota Trucks.

Overland Trip Prep - Toyota Magazine

With the clock counting down to my May 5th departure date, my vehicle preparations were starting to line up. Pieces of the puzzle were found and installed and the bigger picture was starting to look like something recognizable. I purchased my Lexus LX450 in May of 2013 and after stripping the already “built”truck down to it’s bones and reinvented the wheel with my own rendition. A vision of the ultimate was born in my mind with the goal of completed a massive 3000+ mile trip into the US before returning home to Canada and continuing with local adventures thereon after.

Toyota Overlander list Toyota magazine

Their travels and adventures inspire us to step out into the world and truly experience life.  We have followed along as they visit remote villages in South America, cross deserts in Africa, and traverse mountain passes in Asia.  These are the full-time overlanders traveling in Toyotas.  As a way to give back to the community, we would like to share their stories and help connect you, our readers, with their adventures.  Please take a moment to learn more about these adventure travelers as they are the ones that inspire us to get out and explore.

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