TCT Explorer Tundra CrewMax

TCT Explorer Tundra CrewMax

Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreAs I pen this, we’ve just returned from our 2015 Fall Colors tour, a family tradition since we’re so blessed to live such a gorgeous state. The TCT Explorer Tundra just flipped 15,000 miles. It’s been quite a journey for our family and our this amazing truck since the first 2,000 miles (Apirl 2015).

Our mod list for this rig is nearly complete. The only two items left are the backordered Budbuilt Full skid plates, and the Transfer Flow 46 gallon replacement fuel tank, which his sitting in my garage. Like I said, we’ve been busy.


TCT Explorer Tundra in mountains above South Park, Colorado

If you like you can jump directly to the mod list on the last page. For those more curious though, read on.

The Tundra (ours came from Larry H. Miller Toyota of Colorado Springs), is not only a beast, it’s truly the most versatile vehicle I’ve ever owned. While she performed excellent in stock form, of course we wanted to enhance this truck as we built the quintessential family friendly Tundra: The TCT Explorer.

The TRD Pro accents, which include wheels, badges, grille, and TRD Dual Exhaust have added the aesthetic appeal that was a primary goal for this build. Ken’s Colors, a custom trim paint shop in Colorado Springs, expertly matched the grille bezel and mirror covers to complete the look. While the exhaust is no supercharger, it does provide a nice throaty sound as well as a little added get up & go.

Other than the TRD Pro look, the most noticeable modification for the TCT Explorer is the front bumper w/COMEUP Winch installed. This bumper from Rock Slide Engineering is 100% aluminum and weighs just a little over the stock protection and bolted right in. COMEUP sent their 12,500 Seal Gen 2 winch for the ‘just in case’ situations. The added Rigid LED lights and Factor 55 Pro Link finish of a great looking front end, if I may be so bold.

What can we say about the Toytec BOSS Lift Kit that you haven’t already heard from every review and customer testimonial. The shock, spring, and rear spacer setup is simply phenomenal. This kit not only improves the stock ride, it allows the truck to tackle nearly any on-dirt obstacle without faltering. We added the Icon Vehicle Dynamics tubular upper UCAs to help keep her well aligned as well. Overall this is a very cost effective suspension offering that’s a great alternative to the TRD Pro suspension.

The Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires for this build came from Discount Tires Direct, a long time supporter of the Toyota Community and a true pleasure to work with. The newest version of this excellent tire have performed flawlessly on all types of terrain, including the most difficult (technically a high moderate) Imogene Pass we’ve experienced in our 10+ years visiting the Ouray Area.

Initially we considered adding a topper to the TCT Explorer, but quickly realized its usefulness as a truck would be severely impacted. When I saw the American Work Cover JR attached to a Truck Covers USA roll-top at SEMA last year, it was clear that this is the best option for the tonneau on the Explorer.

The cover installed in just a couple of hours, and provides virtually waterproof protection to anything in the truck. Perhaps the best feature is that it rolls back quickly & easily and takes just a few inches of bed space to store the rolled cover. The small toolbox on the top is perfect for recovery gear and tie-down straps. It’s a great solution!

The last major modification we added to the Tundra prior to the FJ Summit last July came from our friends at Demello Off Road. Side protection was always a requirement for the Explorer, and after watching my 5 year old literally jump into the truck, I knew a step-slider was required. The X-Wing bolted right in and performs this essential dual-function very well.

After over 15,000 miles in less than nine months, I think it’s safe to say we’re absolutely in love with this truck. She has performed so well on trips to Arizona, Ouray, Montana, and all over Colorado that she’s our primary go-to trail and highway rig. This truck has hauled wood, debris from remodeling, mulch, the family, our dogs, and pulled the trailer all over as well. With great looks, power to spare, and capability to match nearly anything on the road, the Tundra CrewMax in TCT Explorer trim is perhaps, the perfect Toyota Truck.

Modifications To Date
•    Toytec BOSS Lift Kit w/Icon Front UCAs
•    Rock Slide Engineering Aluminum Front Bumper
•    COMEUP Seal Gen2 12.5K Winch
•    TRD Pro Grille
•    TRD Pro 18" Tundra Wheels
•    TRD Dual Exhaust System
•    Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Tires from Discount Tire Direct
•    Rigid LED Lights
•    Custom Painted Grille & Mirrors
•    Custom Graphics from AFM Graphics
•    Demello X-Wing Rock Sliders
•    Transfer Flow 46 Gallon Replacement Fuel Tank

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