Product Review: Quickie Tie-Down Ratchet Rope

Product Review: Quickie Tie-Down Ratchet Rope

Quickie tie-down ratchet

Auto part and giant retail stores offer tie-down ratchet straps at varying lengths and colors. While these certainly work, there are some constraints and issues. Try to shorten the strap by winding it too tight, and you’ll quickly discover the frustration of trying to unwind the jammed strap. The range in length is limited, so you need to own multiple sizes. The mechanism to loosen the ratchet feels like a guillotine against your fingers. 

While at SEMA, we discovered the Ratcheting Rope Tie-Down at the Quickie Tie-Down Enterprises booth. No worries of going too tight since the roape length is up to 12-feet. The ratchet is easy on the fingers and a breeze to use. Applying tension is easy:  pull on the loose portion, then use the ratchet to remove any slack, or use a socket wrench on either side of the ratchet. To release the tension, press the release tab on the ratchet handle and rotate the handle backwards.

I recently used these ratchet ropes in 20-degree weather while driving through a 7-hour ice storm, and again on my Big Bend National Park overland trip for securing luggage to the roof rack. I also used them  for tying down heavy loads in the bed of a Tacoma. With the strength and durability tested in scenarios typical of Toyota owners, these performed very well.


Working load limit is 225 lbs.

4 convenient ways of applying tension.

12-feet or rope is more than enough for most scenarios.

No jamming possible, unlike ribbon straps that jam easily.

Hooks on each end are big and easy to attach to supports.


The size of the product I used is 1/4-inch, but a 3/8-inch version with a working load limit of 650 lbs. is also available.



Part Number: 00051

The 1/4” Loadmaster Ratchet Tie-Down

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