New Shoes from Discount Tire Direct

New Shoes from Discount Tire Direct

Nitto Trail Grappler review from Discount Tire DirectAs part of our Extreme Makeover FJC project, and with about 45,000mi on our last set of tires, we decided it was time for an upgrade.  If you remember last time we were trying to select tires (in 2009/2010), we had a hard time deciding which to go with. Luckily this time there wasn’t much discussion, since the tire we’ve dreamed about had finally been released.

When the Nitto Trail Grappler first came out sizes were very limited, specifically the 16” size. We had to run with the stock-size 285/70/16 tires the first time around. Those 32” tires worked well, but didn’t look ‘quite right’ on the TRD, especially after we installed Bushwacker fender flares. When we contacted Discount Tire Direct for a new set of meats, we were excited to see that the coveted 285/75/16 Nitto Trail Grapplers were available and in stock! We ordered 5 tires for the FJC and two more (with outstanding Level 8 Tracker wheels) for our new Manley ORV trailer (See page 8) since we wanted everything to match.

The tires shipped quickly, as they always do from DTD, and our favorite UPS driver dropped them off a few days later. Of course 5 tires at the house doesn’t do me much good, and the MORV hadn’t arrived yet, so I had to enlist the help of everyone’s favorite Tacoma Mag Managing Editor Jim Akers to get the tires over to my local Discount Tire shop for the install. Three hours later and our TRD FJC was sitting pretty on 33” shoes.

These tires are as awesome as the last set we had, but with just a little more awesome on all sides. The 285/75 size really does fill out the fender wells better, and the truck even still fits in the garage with about 1/16” of an inch to spare. While we haven’t had these in the muck or rocks yet, there is no doubt performance will be fantastic. We sold the old set (with about 15% tread life left) to our buddy Tim for his T100, so we’ll be able to keep track of them until they’re fully worn out.
We can’t wait to see everyone on the trail, make sure you check out the latest from Nitto Tire & DTD when you see us!

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